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save time and energy by knowing when to collect with iot technology

Waste monitoring has become a challenge for business and Smart Cites who are looking for a way to manage waste efficiently and cost effectively. We monitor the waste level in your trash bins and dumpster with our sensor that can be attached on the top or the side of the waste container. The location of the sensor will depend on the container. We monitor fill levels and gather that information and other key data points which are important in effective waste management.

Our smart waste management solution helps cities to get a comprehensive view of the fill levels of the trash containers they manage and the performance of the collection process. As populations grow and waste increases it is critical that municipalities can manage sanitation quickly and effectively. Special events or unplanned occurrences could cause waste overflow and our solution provides notification bins require attention or if they have been vandalized.

Businesses can benefit from waste management monitors as well by knowing when they need to call waste collection. Maintaining their premises with timely waste collection is important for customer and employee safety.

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Business Waste Management

  • Monitor and get immediate confirmation that waste has been collected
  • Always know the how full dumpsters and waste bins are at all times.
  • Schedule waste collection for the bins that are full or will soon be full
  • Control waste management cost by limited unnecessary waste pickup visits
Smart Cities Recyling

Smart Cities

  • Monitor municipal trash bins and direct resource to bins that need to be emptied
  • Send waste management resources to only the bins that need attention
  • Determine if more or less waste collection resources are needed in a area by analyzing historic data
  • Monitor the performance of contracted waste collection services
  • Maintain cleaner and safer streets with efficient waste management