Maintain Control of Your Mobile Assets

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stay connected with your mobile assets

SEQWENCE simplifies mobile asset tracking. You can manage and keep track of the most valuable assets of your organization with utmost ease and convenience including but not limited to IT assets, vehicles, trailers, medical equipment, tools and more.

By leveraging on our platform, you can instantly locate any asset, eliminate wasted time that otherwise you’d spend in searching for items missing and saving you hundreds of dollars from spending unnecessarily to replace assets lost.

Our platform provides a full map display with location of mobile assets in real-time along with a variety of other information that you can use for your business advantage. SEQWENCE enables you to:

  • Save time in searching for misplaced, checked-out and lost assets
  • Manage your valuable assets from remote locations
  • Extend the life of your asset by routine maintenance scheduling
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses for replacing lost assets
  • Access data on cost of asset and depreciation which helps with accounting purposes
  • Assets can easily be checked out to customers and employees with assigned due dates. You can also assign alerts to notify when assets are checked out past their due date.
  • Management reports help you make the best informed business decisions related to the assets

Maintain a connection to your shipment and drivers with our GPS and ELD tracking