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improve your fleet management safety and efficiency

For any company that operates in transportation and logistics, our SEQWENCE can increase operational efficiency, drive business and deliver excellent customer service. SEQWENCE allows users to both track and manage fleet transportation smoothly from origin to the destination accurately and cost-effectively.

From vehicle usage to driver behavior and driver ID everything can be monitored in conformation with the highest industry standards through our vehicle management panel integrated in our SEQWENCE. Furthermore, you can also monitor vehicle diagnostics with SEQWENCE, this capability ensures that your fleet continues to operate at its top level without any issues that can hamper vehicle performance such as engine defects, oil leakage, or mileage issues.

SEQWENCE can also allow be configured to track driver’s behavior and performance. This information can be used for skill enhancement and ensuring both driver and vehicle safety. The platform features include:.

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems
It allows you to centrally monitor vehicle usage, behavior of the drivers and their ID for compliance purpose.

Vehicle Location on Demand Get real-time updates related to fleet location and duration time of their trip. All this information is available in a report format so it’s easy to read and understand. Besides this, by changing the map focus you can track one vehicle or as many as you want.

Carefully Monitor Vehicle Events By using SEQWENCE vehicle event monitoring is simple and easy. As a fleet manager you can monitor the status of the vehicle in real-time. From when the engine of the vehicle is powered off or on to its location and date/time of occurrence, you have access to all the information that you need in the reporting panel.

Manage the deployment of your service teams using GPS services