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support your team with mobile asset management

Platform to locate and monitor your workers in real-time.

With this platform, you can manage your people, their performance and functions and alert that individual or management of an incident or emergency. From cubicle to conference room, meetings, cafeteria, or outdoor sites like construction site, oil and gas or mines, with SEQWENCE you can track and locate personnel in order to ensure safety and productivity.

Besides this, the people tracking aspect of our platform enables you to promote employee transparency in your organization along with motivation at the same time. Our platform is fine-tuned to work with accuracy and unmatched precision for all types of office layouts such as single-unit offices, multi-level building and entire office campus.

With our platform, you can track employee location while the information related to their movement history is logged in the system and can be easily reviewed by management remotely from any web browser. SEQWENCE can be used in corporate as well as industrial workplaces. By leveraging on our network of sensors and devices and mesh network intelligence, employee location tracking is made simple, and convenient.

Moreover, with this platform you can keep track of the employee hours, their leave plans and violations if any which can be used when giving appraisals, promotions or introducing new ways to boost workforce efficiency and productivity.

SEQWENCE is the best solution to address a wide range of people tracking requirements. It empowers you to:

  • Track employee hours with precision
  • Avoid unauthorized equipment access
  • Secure private areas via geo-fencing
  • Review and analyze historical data regarding employee behavior and performance
  • Make attendance reports