LivinginCare from Seqwence Systems is an IoT-based remote patient monitoring platform for senior care homes, featuring real-time vital sign monitoring, activity tracking, for improved patient care and reduced caregiver stress.

The integration of IoT technology in caregiving can provide numerous benefits for old-age home caregivers, doctors and most importantly patients. Seqwence Systems’ solution, LivinginCare, offers a platform that leverages these benefits. With LivinginCare, caregivers can take advantage of real-time monitoring of vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. These devices can alert caregivers to any changes or potential emergencies, allowing them to quickly respond and provide proper care.

GPS Tracking

Seqwence Systems provides a solution to help old age home caregivers better care for their patients through the use of personal GPS tracking devices and the LivinginCare monitoring platform. With LivinginCare, caregivers can benefit from real-time monitoring of their patients’ whereabouts through GPS tracking. This allows them to quickly respond to any potential emergencies and provide quick assistance if needed.

With LivinginCare, caregivers can also monitor their patients remotely through connected devices, giving them the ability to keep a close eye on their health and safety even when they’re not physically present. Additionally, the platform can automatically generate activity reports on a patient’s health, alerting caregivers to any changes and facilitating proactive care.

LivinginCare’s monitoring platform can greatly benefit old age home caregivers and their patients. It provides added security and peace of mind, real-time monitoring of location with alerts, which improves time efficiency for caregivers, leading to better overall care for patients.

The platform also has geofence capabilities, allowing caregivers to set up boundaries around specific areas and receive alerts if a patient strays from those areas. This can provide added peace of mind for caregivers and ensure that patients stay within safe and secure locations.

Remote Monitoring

Seqwence Systems’ innovative solution, LivinginCare, is designed to aid caregivers, doctors, and their patients in obtaining the best possible care. By utilizing regulatory-cleared wearable sensors, the platform is able to continuously monitor and capture all vital signs and advanced physiological parameters. This information is then used for efficient remote patient monitoring and clinical trials, providing caregivers and doctors with a comprehensive view of their patient’s health.

The platform supports a range of standardized BLE sensors, including activity trackers, weight scales, and glucometers, which allows for continuous real-time data capture. This not only enhances the accuracy of patient monitoring but also ensures that any changes or deviations in vital signs are detected promptly.

With the integration of LivinginCare into their daily routines, caregivers, doctors, and patients can experience improved care and better health outcomes. The platform’s ability to monitor patients remotely and continuously provides a much-needed layer of support and allows for a more proactive approach to patient care.

For Doctors

LivinginCare provides numerous benefits for doctors. The platform uses wearable sensors to continuously monitor cardiac ECG, blood pressure, temperature, and Sp02, displaying the data in the patient’s individual portal which the doctor can access at any time. This allows the doctor to monitor their patients remotely and provide effective care. Additionally, the doctor can leave comments and instructions for caregivers through the patient’s portal, ensuring effective communication and collaboration in patient care. With LivinginCare, doctors have access to real-time data and can make informed decisions to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Family members

LivinginCare provides a family member portal for old-age home patients, allowing them to stay updated on their loved one’s location and health summary. This portal provides a convenient and secure way for family members to access real-time information on their loved one’s health, including updates on vital signs, medication, and overall wellbeing. This helps family members stay informed and involved in their loved one’s care, while also providing peace of mind knowing they can access this information at any time.