Elevating Asset Temperture Security

SecureSense, brought to you by Seqwence Systems, is a cutting-edge mobile platform designed to deliver
precise Temperature and Humidity monitoring. Engineered for seamless integration with Zebra Technologies’
ZS300 sensors, SecureSense is a powerful solution for organizations that demand continuous and accurate
monitoring of assets’ temperature and humidity during transportation. From pharmaceuticals and chemicals to
food products and life-saving organs, SecureSense guarantees the preservation of your assets by providing
real-time data and comprehensive reporting.

Key Features:-

Track Sensors

SecureSense empowers you to track ZS300 sensors in real time, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of your assets' temperature and humidity conditions, irrespective of their location.

Live and Historic Reporting

Gain access to live data and delve into historic reports, granting valuable insights into the condition of your assets throughout their journey.

Job List

Organize and manage your tasks and job assignments efficiently. The job list feature ensures your assets are monitored and managed with precision and care.

Downloadable Reports

Generate and effortlessly download comprehensive reports that serve to ensure compliance, create a historical record of temperature and humidity conditions, and streamline auditing processes.

Location Mapping

Seamlessly associate asset locations with job details, providing a visual representation of your assets' journey and enabling accurate and timely deliveries.

Image Record

Capture and store images of your assets' conditions during transit. These images serve as visual records that are invaluable for assessing any damage or discrepancies that may occur.


Receive immediate alerts and notifications when temperature or humidity conditions deviate from your defined range. Timely alerts empower you to take swift corrective actions.

Sensor Association to Asset(s)

Associate sensors with specific assets, ensuring that the condition of each individual asset is monitored even when multiple assets are in transit.


Asset Integrity

SecureSense is your guardian for temperature and humidity-sensitive assets, making it a crucial asset for industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food.


Stay compliant with industry regulations and uphold the highest quality standards. SecureSense ensures that you meet the requirements of governing bodies and industry standards.

Operational Efficiency

SecureSense brings operational efficiency to the forefront with real-time data, location mapping, and instant alerts. These features empower you to streamline your operations and deliver the best possible service.

Peace of Mind

Experience unparalleled peace of mind knowing that SecureSense is diligently monitoring and safeguarding your valuable assets at every stage of their journey.

Who Should Use SecureSense?

Pharmaceutical Companies

Ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines during transit.

Chemical Manufacturers

Safeguard chemical integrity and prevent accidents.

Organ Transplant Centers

Safely transport life-saving organs.

Healthcare Organizations

Protect critical medical equipment and supplies.

Food Producers and Distributors

Maintain food quality and safety.

Logistics and Transportation Companies

Enhance the security and reliability of your transportation services.

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