Improve Site Safety and Oversight of Equipment

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Despite weathering the storm of the Great Recession, the construction industry continues to face challenges. The rising cost of material and labor and increased competition are some challenges that are shrinking the profit margins of business owners.

One of the best ways to meet these challenges is through new technology adoption and integration. Unfortunately, studies and surveys show that the construction industry is notoriously slow when it comes to technology adoption. Business owners under-invest in technologies, which can otherwise prove to be a profit driver by helping them manage and complete construction projects on time and budget.

Our SEQWENCE solutions can help you organize and analyze crucial big data for better scheduling and planning construction projects. Data intelligence delivered by our patent software program can help you make informed decisions, thereby navigating potential roadblocks and acting proactively so that the project is completed smoothly in the pre-stated timeframe and without overriding the budget.

Furthermore, our asset tracking software is an excellent option for managing and maintaining full control over equipment, logistics, and people. With this tool, you can improve responsiveness while taking contingency measures to avoid project delays. Unlock the power of our SEQWENCE Solutions to better plan, manage and execute construction
projects and earn big profits.

Monitor equipment utilization

  • Keep track of equipment location
  • Assign equipment to user
  • Reduce theft