Track your assets anywhere

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Know where your goods and equipment are at all times

SEQWENCE TRACK is designed to allow your organization to fully leverage the power of IoT tracking technology. We offer a flexible platform that is fully customizable. It operates on open communications standards and we have incorporated a wide variety of IoT tracking devices which are designed fit seamlessly with your operations and tracking needs. We understand that performance reporting is very important and it is for that reason we provide customizable reporting and analytics.

Seqwence Track can be utilized in a variety of business applications ranging from Fleet Management, equipment locating, activity monitoring, and temperature and humidity reporting to name a few. Seqwence Track helps businesses manage all the moving parts of their operations in real-time.

product creation

With Supplyaxis’ ‘Product Creation’ feature, product idea development is quick and straightforward. This feature gives you the power to decide and select product specification details like color schemes, packaging, and dimensions. In addition, you can also define requirements for product testing and inspection before the products are assigned to the relevant department or sold to buyers.

Asset Monitoring

Knowing the status of your assets has never been easier. We list your assets with key status and identification information. You can then drill down for more information on location and past activity.


Geofencing allows you to set control boards for your assets and your workforce. You set the boundaries and which tracking devices you want the geofence to observe. Receive notification instantly once the tracker crosses the predetermined boarder.

Alerts and Notifications

Set and receive alerts and notification on trigger events such as a geofence crossing or a speeding alert and more. The Alerts feature allows you to focus on other business matters knowing that you will be notified immediately when an actionable event has occurred.


We provide reports on temperature, speed, idling, and many more KPIs as determined by the capabilities of the tracking device and your business requirement. We keep the information for as long as you like and can share the information with other platforms or analytical tools.