Locate, Monitor, & Track what is Important to Your Business

with Zero Guess Work

Everyday organizations are faced with trying to locate or monitor equipment, products, or individuals that are key to their day-to-day operations. We developed CENTRUS as a solution to help your team find critical individuals or equipment in seconds anywhere in your building.

ou may wish to monitor occupancy or atmosphere conditions in a room or in rooms throughout your complex. CENTRUS can gather data ranging from temperature, humidity, occupancy, container volume, and open close status. Using purpose-built sensors that connected on our mesh network.


A clear dashboard that provides insight at a glance on the location of equipment, staff, tracker status, and atmospheric conditions.

Asset location
Active Tag Status
Floor plan view and selection
Temperature, Humidity, and more

Location Tracking

CENTRUS helps you quickly locate staff members, equipment, and stationary tags with a click of a button. Select floors or building quickly and get a report on the location and status of the asset you are monitoring.


Reports are available for review at anytime. You can select the tag and review all the data it has gathered on one screen. You can also download the data to Excel for further analysis.


In the CENTRUS positioning system, zones are a very powerful feature. Easily created and simply used, their strength lies in the statistics that can be extracted from Zone usage. CENTRUS has the ability to create Zones very easily and the user is alerted whenever a Tag enters a defined Zone. Zones can be of various types, and the number is unlimited.

Mobile App

CENTRUS’ robust mobile app platform, a great addition to our enterprise suite of solutions. Our mobile app has most of the same features as the desktop version. You can transform your business into a smart, innovative and connected organization with tracking technologies that provide end-to-end logistics, management and analytics.

We offer a variety of Indoor Intelligence solutions to address the complex and rapidly changing needs of indoor location technology. With our expertise in indoor data collection, analysis, and visualization, we work with companies and public agencies such as government offices, corporate campuses, hospitals, shopping malls, and more. By combining award-winning sensor technologies and interactive indoor maps with location awareness and tracking, CENTRUS creates indoor spaces that are more efficient, safer, and more secure, while allowing enterprises to access valuable indoor data.


CENTRUS is production ready, and our platform provides the versatility, and scalability to meet your ever-changing business needs. Combining your business objectives with employee safety together into a single, easy-to-use system, CENTRUS eliminates the need to manage several disparate systems.