IoT devices are making it easier for cities to do more with less

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managing government assets more efficiently

As municipalities build up their smart city capabilities, they realize they have more assets to manage. Vehicles, security cameras, gateways, and other devices are required for a variety of smart city solutions. They all require ongoing maintenance and support which is a challenge for cities with shrinking budgets.

Many municipalities have contracted out the management of many services to utilities But that resulted in loss of control and additional expenses that are just not acceptable in this financial climate. Municipalities and Federal departments are not looking as ways to manage their assets and leverage the data that used to be ignored.

SEQWENCE can collect information about the asset and the surrounding environment if necessary. Depending upon the application and sensor device used here are just a few things that can be monitored:

  • Precise location of the asset
  • Setup date
  • Real-time monitoring of its own state and communication status
  • Real-time usage data

Set and remotely verify performance targets

Support Civil Services with a greater understanding of activity and movement