Helping your business keep items in your produce supply chain fresh

Optimize operational performance and reduce risk with dynamic tracking solutions

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Helpling cold chain supply chain services deliver

Our platform interface is easy to use includes and a wide range of value-adding features which enables cold chain service providers to maximize their business performance and deliver exceptional service in food and healthcare. Here’s how:

With SEQWENCE Track you can ensure the temperature of your supplies are continuously in compliance with the industry standards. Our platform features a range of options like humidity and temperature probes. It triggers updates on the schedules you select. It also allows you to monitor probes in transit.

In addition to this, you can also send user-customized alerts for fuel, battery, location, temperature, and more.

Monitor the temperature of food produce or medical supplies

  • GPS location at anytime during the delivery
  • Temperature and humidity monitored in real-time
  • Monitor speed and unplanned stops
  • Geo-fencing services included