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As manufacturing industries grow and evolve, they face new challenges in monitoring their assets, which they must overcome in order to maintain a competitive edge. Some of the most common challenges in the manufacturing industry are:

Resource Allocation

Many manufacturers struggle with knowing exactly how and where their resources are deployed. They lack up to the minute information on where mobile assets are stored. Where people team members are located, and how to find items quickly.

Inventory Control and Management

Some manufacturers manage their inventory manually or rely on outdated technologies. Not only does it make inventory tracking difficult and time-consuming but also increases the possibility of errors leading to shortages, overstocking, inaccuracies and unidentified damages.

Manufacturing Plant Efficiencies

Not knowing where important parts, equipment, and staff are located reduces performance and efficiency. Time and money is wasted in sending resources out to find parts or equipment.

This is where we can help. At SEQWENCE systems, our IoT-enabled asset tracking and performance management solutions can help you address all these challenges successfully. Once integrated, our SEQWENCE solutions can provide you with access to crucial operational information and detailed analytics at their fingertips, which is needed for making close to accurate decisions.

With our solutions, you can maintain full control over your assets at all times, thus, simplifying your supply chain, achieving optimal efficiencies and reducing the time to market.

Locate containers and pallets in seconds

Locate containers and pallets in seconds